SaaS application in isolation would not be effective without working seamlessly with other applications that serve the enterprise. One of the biggest advantages of a SaaS application is the automatic update it provides, allowing you to be on the latest release. With every new update, Oracle provides integration packs for SaaS application to work with other cloud and on-premise applications.

As part of its PaaS, Oracle also offers an integration cloud service for out-of-the-box, point-to-point integration. CLT has the expertise and track record to help you integrate Oracle SaaS applications with your existing systems with minimum interruption to production systems. The systems that integrate with Oracle SaaS can be on any platform/technology, and we can achieve the integration in real time (where Oracle allows for real-time integration) or in a batch.

Many organizations have begun to embrace PaaS (Platform) portfolio of services for the various benefits offered, including standardization, automation, performance, scalability, portability, performance, and seamless integration


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