ERP controls review

  • Standardize overall control framework across your organization
  • Create centralized repository of risks and controls.
  • Efficient execution, documentation and testing of system-defined controls.
  • Certify and sign off on controls

ERP Security

The increasing complexity of ERP’s software applications, adds to the risk of security threats, with evolving technology, new functionality, and web-based solutions.
CLT helps you address key issues:

  • How to identify Segregation of Duty conflicts and what is adequate segregation?
  • How to balance the inconvenience of access controls and productivity?
  • How to monitor the use of powerful system functions and unauthorised access to confidential information on a continuous basis?

Master data review

As a part of Master Data Review, we assist clients in performing review of masters with specific focus on key fields, duplicity, redundancy, inconsistency. Masters that are covered as a part of review are Customer Master, Vendor Master, Material Master, Tax master, GL Master, Employee Master, Asset Master, Pricing Master, BOM Master, Freight Master etc. Master data review helps clients to have more reliable data capturing more accurate records and also ensures consistent and non-duplicate master data.


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